Tuesday, 25 February 2014

2014 Sewing To Do List

This is my sewing to do list for 2014. I am a little bit obsessed with making lists of things. It helps motivate me and keep me on track, which is necessary as I have a rather short attention span and become distracted easily.

Sewing To Do List 2014

Learn to make piping
Learn to sew a work blouse/shirt
Learn to make button holes
Hidden Stars quilt
Alexander McQueen tweed skirt
Wool work shift dress (and jacket?)
At least two work blouses
Alter shirts for work
Forest friends quilt for A
Forest friends quilt for M
Finish Snowflake wall hanging for TQQ 
Green chiffon slip

All of these projects are things for which I already have the fabrics so, hopefully, all I will have to buy is things like buttons, lining and interfacing. Unfortunately, my obsession with textures and silky things will probably result in me buying all sorts of things that aren't on the list. Luckily, my new job means that I'll be working a lot so hopefully the lack of time will curb my spending.

Me x

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