Saturday, 19 September 2015

WIP: Hexagon Quilt September 2015

I've recently taken to working on my hexagon quilt on the tube in the mornings. It's only a 10 minute journey and I only have a seat about 50% of the time but I've been making some (very slow) progress!

Hexagon quilt: tube ride WIP

On my recent trip to St. Petersburg I finally managed to decide on the overarching design and the quilting. I also want to do some fancy quilting in the white triangles that the design creates and have been playing around with the idea of using my initials in an art deco style font but I might do some sort of geometric design instead.

Hexagon quilt: design sketches

I'm planning on making a king sized quilt so the dimensions of the sketch aren't right but you get the idea. I laid everything out on my queen sized quilt today to see what it looks like in real life:

Hexagon quilt: design layout

Progress so far:
Individual flowers: 2 green, 12 pink
Sections: lots of bits sewn together - the longest continuous bit current has about 8 flowers
Total flowers:37
Loose basted hexagons: 24 white, 115 print

Hexagon quilt: 14 flowers waiting to be connected

I'm going to need a lot more white hexagons! I'm not sure whether to be lazy (and applique the flowers on to a white background) or crazy (and piece the white sections from individual hexagons). Being generally crazy, I'm leaning towards option 2. What do you think?

I'm flying to Germany for a wedding next week so hopefully I'll get a few more done on the aeroplane.

Me x 

P.S. This week I'm linking up to with Jessica's Monday Morning Star Count. There are some gorgeous projects going on over there - you should check them out some time!
Check out WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced as well. Seeing what everyone else is working on really motivates me to do more sewing - even if it's just some hexagons on the tube.


  1. A great use of your commute!
    I really like the overall design you have sketched out - it will certainly be very dramatic.
    And I'd say go for piecing the white sections - in for a penny, in for a pound as they say :-)

  2. I am sure it will look great either way, a challenge too, I make by hand and know just how long it takes, I have just finished a hexie quilt, large lap size. If you are on the tube I guess you live in London, I am in Uk too, about two hours from you in Ramsgate.

  3. Sorry just seen your profile.. I am relatively new to this...and see it is Cambridge not London, still it is good to see someone from UK among these lovely American quilters.

    1. Actually, I am in London these days. Are there any photos of your hexagon quilt that I can admire?

  4. Lovely quilt. Will you be able to piece on the plane? Sharp needles? X

  5. Lovely quilt. Will you be able to piece on the plane? Sharp needles? X

  6. Lovely quilt. Will you be able to piece on the plane? Sharp needles? X

    1. I've been sewing on the plane since I can remember and needles have never been an issue. Neither is my seam ripper which I bring in lieu of scissors.

  7. What about piecing the white parts in, but as bigger sections with "hexie" edges that match up with the flowers? Maybe that'd be even more work (on the cutting side) than just piecing them as hexies. :)