Thursday, 19 November 2015

WIP Wednesday: Hexagon Quilt November 2015

I'm afraid I don't have much progress to report on the hexagon quilt front :(

You may remember this one...
from a month or two ago

My stitching on the tube plans were scuppered by the fact that I suddenly found myself on a project that allowed me to walk to work (not that I'm complaining about that in the slightest). However, now that I've found myself in Geneva for two months (very exciting!) I've managed to do a bit. Actually, I didn't bring sufficient supplies and have now run out of hexagons to sew together. Luckily, I will be flying back to the UK for the 1st weekend of December so I can stock up then.

Running low.
Nothing I can really do this these at present.

Speaking of stocking up, I seem to have run out of the white fabric I was using. I'm now obsessing about matching said fabric exactly, which will probably not be possible as I have no idea where it came from in the first place. My obsession with irrellevant details is really not helping. I've also decided that I need to match the background blue on this fabric ("Painted Mums" from Heather Bailey's discontinued "Fresh Cut" range), which is going to be tricky to say the least. Any advice?

Love, me xx

P.S. I'm linking up to Work in Progress Wednesdays over at Freshly Pieced.

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