Monday, 6 November 2017

Finally Finished: Forest Friends Baby Quilt v2: New Addition

After a hectic 6 months (new house, new job, a lot of work travel, and several pretty serious family emergencies) I've finally settled in with my needle and thread. My sewing things are still tucked away all over the new flat in various boxes but that will change in January when the builders come to build some exciting custom storage cabinets for me (need to save up my pennies first).

I finally unpacked my trusty Singer in October and finished the second iteration of the Forest Friends Baby Quilt, "New Addition".

New Addition Baby Quilt in my new living room

I machine quilted this over the course of several evenings because, guess what, the new job means that I actually have time in the evening to do things that aren't work. This is a complete novelty and, as it turns out, I need to re-learn how to have hobbies. SO exciting! I've got so much stuff done!

Anyway, I digress.

Started: April 2016
Finished: November 2017
Size: 107 x 107 cm (42" x 42")
Quilt Top: Les Amis de la ForĂȘt by Patty Slongier
Backing: Think this might be a Tula Pink fabric but can't remember
Batting:100% cotton
Quilting:Machine quilted in the ditch around and varied geometric designs within each cross. Top thread YLI machine quilting grey. Bottom thread YLI machine quilting teal
Binding: some grey fabric I'd bought to make a blue & grey quilt but given how many project I have on the go it'll be years before that happens
Label: none

I'm quite pleased with the way the teal thread shows off the quilting on the back even though I had to piece it together from leftover fabric. I could have sworn I had enough of the multicoloured/yellow one to back both of the Forest Friends quilts, but apparently not. Although, come to think of it, it's entirely likely that the rest of this fabric is hidden away in one of my unpacked boxes somewhere *sigh*.

New Addition Baby Quilt - back

I used grey thread for the front to match the grey binding and the grey in the various prints. I have a weird obsession with grey - it's just the perfect colour. I machine stitched the binding because I was in a bit of a hurry to deliver this one and while it's not perfect, it'll do (and do better next time!).

New Addition Baby Quilt - front

In other news, I've made some progress on Salt Air Summer by the Sea and various other projects but more on that later. 

Quilting love,
me x


  1. I like the Plus quilt a lot. I've got fabric (Charm squares, really) put aside for one but can't decide if I want it like yours or whether I'll be putting some background fabric with it. Time will tell, if I get around to it. Congratulations on getting back into the swing of sewing.

  2. Love the plus quilt, the colors are really nice.

  3. Your quilting on the pluses looks great, the variety really works well. Dropping in from Main Crush Monday.

  4. Your quilt is lovely, I adore the color combo. Making a Plus quilt is on my quilting bucket list. I've seen so many pretty ones! Congrats on getting back to sewing, and thanks for linking to MCM!