Sunday, 23 August 2015

Oh, YLI hand quilting thread, how do I love thee?

Oh, YLI hand quilting thread, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (I also love Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

This is why YLI hand quilting thread is awesome.

1. It comes on these handsome wooden spools.
Which are so much more awesome than the plastic ones.

YLI hand quilting thread - white

2. The colours are glorious!
I want to buy them ALL!!!! Also, Christmas is coming up in the not so distant future. Just saying.

YLI handquilting thread
green, spring green, yellow, peach

3. 100% glazed cotton.
I prefer natural fibres for (almost) everything in my life. Poo poo polyester.

YLI hand quilting thread
100% glazed cotton

4. Good value for money.
At 367 m (400 yards) per spool for £4.50 or $4.95 or €6.50 I can shop around the exchange rates to get a pretty good deal (oh, the joys of being a cosmopolitan quilter).

5. Pretty tangle resistant.
There's this German saying: "Langes Faedchen, faules Maedchen" which translates to "long thread, lazy miss" - I'm definitely lazy and would much prefer to work with a longer piece of thread and avoid tedious sewing up of the end as much as I can. There, I said it. AND I sometimes knot my threads at the end, even when I'm embroidering.

6. Just the right thickness.
Currently, I quite like the look of a slightly thicker, firmer thread in my hand quilting. I've used YLI's silk thread for projects that require a more delicate line in the past. While the colours are beautiful it is a bit fussier to work with. The 100% cotton thread is just the right thickness and firmness in my opinion. Also, I can cut it with my teeth and get a nice, clean end (ssshhh- don't tell my mother!) which, given the amount of time I spend scissorless on aeroplanes, is important.

7. Colours! All of the colours!
Did I mention the colours? Sooooo pretty!! I want them all so I can arrange them in battle formation to my heart's content. I am obsessed with rainbow order. I call it rainbow order just to annoy my physicist boyfriend (The Boy), who likes to insist that it's called wavelength order. Rainbow order makes me happy. 

YLI hand quilting thread
brown, ecru, cream, white

I've recently started quilting with YLI's 100% cotton machine quilting thread and it, too, is excellent. Not a single instance of broken or tangled thread yet and I swear it produces a less lint in my machine than other threads I've tried.

Then of course there is YLI's gorgeous silk thread. I've got two beautiful new colours just waiting for me to try them out. The colours are so intense and shiny that the photo below just doesn't do them justice.

YLI silk thread - sky blue, leaf green

I've just ordered some more of the ecru machine quilting thread for my current project - fingers crossed that it arrives in time for the bank holiday weekend; I have grand plans to finally finish my Hidden Stars quilt.

Love, me xoxo

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