Friday, 21 August 2015

WIP: Hidden Stars Quilt - slowly but surely

Progress! I've actually managed to get a big batch of the quilting done on the Hidden Stars quilt. Over the past week I've got all the quilting on the main body of the quilt done, which is a major achievement and was only possible because I've been fortunate to be working from our London office this week. All the travelling I do for my job is wonderful but it does make machine quilting in the evenings a little difficult.

Here's my quilting plan / diagram:

Hidden Stars - quilting plan V1.0
Here's the current version of the quilt itself. As you can see my diagonals really aren't that great, but I'm still telling my perfectionist self that all the issues add character.

Hidden Stars - quilt back

This may also be because I eyeballed a lot of it, mainly because the yellow chalk I was using doesn't show very well on the lighter fabrics. 

Hidden Stars - marking up for quilting

The above photo is actually a pretty good example of my improving-but-still-not-great attempts at in the ditch quilting. The Quilt Queen says to go slowly and that practice makes perfect. Practice-schmactice. All of the things should be perfect NOW!

Anyway, here's the current status, all pinned up and ready for me to quilt the border sections this weekend:

Hidden Stars - quilt top ready for border quilting
I'm not really sure how I'm going to quilt the borders yet. I want a design that will add lots of texture so I'm currently thinking of lots of parallel, closely spaced lines in the second cream border. It would be great to do some sort of cross-hatched pattern on the outermost one but I think that might be too much of a faff and that my quilting skills just aren't quite good enough for that yet.

I was planning on getting that bit done this weekend and then attach the binding next week so I really should decide soon. Any ideas?

Love, me xoxo

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