Tuesday, 31 May 2016

WIP: Summer by the Sea lap quilt - bodacious borders

WIP: Salt Air Summer by the Sea lap quilt borders

Working on this little lap quilt for myself has helped me get over my fear of pieced borders - a bit at least. I even taught myself a new technique and added a flange to either side of my pieced blue border.

Here are some photos of flange making in progress:

Step 1: cut 3/4" strip
Step 2: fold and press wrong sides together
Step 3: attach to quilt edge with <1/4" seam
Step 4: Attach next border with 1/4" seam

Tada! Finished flange
I'm currently debating whether to add a prairie points border to this, followed by another, wider, white border. Current size is 52" x 45" (132 x 115cm). What do you think? Here are the current borders:

Salt Air Summer by the Sea borders
Getting better but those
° angles are irritating

me xx

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  1. This is very pretty! It took me a bit to see how it's laid out and made, and I think the border spacing really adds a great element to it. It's sophisticated and artsy, but also very feminine. Nice job!

  2. I love this quilt - the fabrics are fabulous (yep, I've said that before!) I'm not sure about the prairie points. Maybe lay out some triangles to see what it looks like before sewing?